Monday, August 29, 2011

Made it Monday

It's Monday! Brandi and I have decided that every Monday we will do "Made it Monday" and feature the things we made the past week and alternate every week so each week you get to see what's going on in the studio from our own perspective!

This last week was pretty crazy. I'm still getting into the swing of things at my new job so I didn't have much time to craft. I have been doing blog posts every day using a photo challenge from another blog and I'm really enjoying it! 

This weekend Brandi and I got together and worked on the scrap map for my sister's classroom. :) She's a 3rd grade teacher and I decided we needed a stash buster and this was the perfect thing! We divided up the states and got to work picking out fabric from our stashes and ironing the bonding stuff on the back then meticulously cutting them out! We tried to keep them even, so we both got some easy (aka Western) states and some difficult (aka NEW ENGLAND). 

Here I am ironing the states onto the fabric backing (actually a pillow casing that we cut and sewed together).

Here is the whole country ironed together.
After we ironed them all on, Brandi got to work top stitching them on.

JJ and Raj were discussing our project...
Then mother and daughter worked side by side.
Auntie Meig got some help from JJ with her top stitching.
Then we took a break to paint toenails...
Then we took another break for a dance party...
Here it is with the top stitching! Gorgeous!!
We still have a few things to do on it like the rest of the top stitching and mounting it to the board, but this was our weekend!! I hope you all come back and visit tomorrow to see what Brandi has in store for you in her Top Ten Tuesday post!!


kate said...

lookin good!! good luck with the topstitching.. boring but worth it, i promise!

Meig Heyburn said...

Thanks!! We're pretty excited about how it turned out! It's going to be sew cute (heh heh) in my sister's classroom. Thanks for the idea and tutorial!

Heather S. said...

that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I especially love the chosen fabric for Arkansas and California (noticed because they're two of my home states ^_^)