Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gifts for the bride.

I made a few little gifts for a boss/friend at work for her wedding. 

For this white one I used the open wide tutorial from the Noodlehead blog. Awesome tutorial that Meighen and I have used several times already. I used freezer paper to put the "Mrs." on it and added a little bling.

I made her a smaller little zipper pouch with a ruffle in her favorite color. I swear it wasn't lopsided like it looks in the picture.... I blame my bad picture taking haha not my bad sewing! I didn't use a tutorial for this one.

A card holder I found the tutorial here from the blog The Crafty Cupboard. I just recently stumbled upon that blog and its pretty cute.

This was very easy to sew, I wish I had used matching thread instead of just white but anyway, that's how it opens.

I like to make practical gifts for people so I made these for her because I knew she was about to go on a cruise and who couldn't use pouches for a trip? I really want to make one of those card holders for myself!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinterest Playdate Part 2- Painted Shoes

 Here is what I started off with.
Plain canvas kids shoes from Walmart $5
fabric paint
paint brush
craft glue

 Julie's favorite color is blue so that's why I picked that color.

To make stripes we used tape to get them straight.

The stripes and dots weren't quite enough for my child so we added eyeballs!

She absolutely loves them and calls them her blue eye shoes :)

I first got this idea in my head from this post, they decorated some plain canvas shoes.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Corn & Pumpkins: fall-time is here!

We, like many other people in this country, are pretty big football fans. Brandi is a Bengals fan and I'm a Browns fan. Today they played each other and I thought what better time to have a big family dinner? I made corn chowder, yeast rolls, and some super yummy pumpkin donuts for dessert! I didn't get very good pictures because we were so engrossed in eating everything that I forgot to stage and photograph! But we had a great day of playing with trains, watching football, eating food, and talking with friends and family.

If you click on the picture it will take you to the recipe so you can try for yourself!

These rolls were pretty tasty. They were my first attempt at bread baking without a bread machine and I got quite frustrated with them because the recipe said one thing and what happened was another, but Brandi (my hero) stepped in and said it would be ok and then added more flour and voila! There they are. Thanks B!

This corn chowder was delicious!! It turned out wonderfully! The only thing I did different from the recipe was add bacon because...well...adding bacon to anything makes it better, right? I intended on adding the bacon at the beginning and using the fat to cook the onions and garlic but because it wasn't in the recipe I forgot until after I started boiling the vegetable stock and said 'ahhh! the bacon!!' So I cooked it up in the microwave quickly, then added it in. Next time I make this I'll do it the way I wanted to do it and see if it changes things. Tyler Florence recipe - very good!

Last up: pumpkin donuts. I bought a donut pan just for this recipe and my, oh my, am I glad I did!! I am not a big pumpkin fan but figured I'd give these a try. I made them when B was over because she LOVES pumpkin so I wanted to be sure if I hated them, they would be enjoyed by someone else. Turns out: delicious. And easy, to boot! Go on, make some!!

Also this weekend was a bachelorette party for a friend's wedding that I'm in. I was tasked with gathering something snacky to eat before, 2 bottles of wine, and 'a tiara or sash or something'. So I went hunting. I didn't find anything I liked so I made her a veil. The wedding colors are holly green and ivory so I got little flowers to go on top of the headband. Add in a lot of hot glue and some glittery tulle, and you've got yourself a bachelorette veil! Winning!!

The wine is called 'Our Daily Red' and I loved the bottle so that's why I bought it. It was actually pretty tasty! 
I hope you all had a great weekend! What are you up to this week?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pinterest Playdate Part 1 - Play Dough

This is part one of a series of a few things my daughter Julie and I did together when we had some girl time this weekend. Ever since I started working I don't get as much time with her and it really breaks my heart. When I get off work I am usually too tired to do much playing so I decided to commit this entire day to playing with my little girl! We found these fun ideas on pinterest of course! 

Here is one of the messes we made.

Home made play dough. 

We mixed up the ingredients and it was looking scary. I just wasn't expecting this texture and I thought this was going to fail.

We kept going though and it did not fail, it actually turned out really good and fun!

 What the Internet did not tell us about this recipe was the sticky mess it leaves in your pan!

 Here is our pizza we pretended to eat until Julie actually did take a bite! She said it was "caca" (yucky)

Now if you want to make some get the recipe here.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zipper Wallets

I made a couple zipper wallets using this tutorial I found on twitter. The blue stripes is for our giveaway winner and the other one is mine.

Fun, easy, and quick. Just wanted to share these with you real quick, hope you are all having a great weekend! I am dreading working tomorrow unfortunately.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Airforce Dress-WKWW

At the beginning of the summer I picked up some fabric that had the air force seal on it intending on making Julie a dress for the air show. It took me months but I got it done one day before the airshow!

Here she is with her daddy. It was very difficult to get her to stand still for pictures because she was so excited all day.

In the morning we put a sweater on because it was a little chilly.

After reviewing the pictures of the day I realized the one below is the only one showing the back where the straps cross.

We had such a great time, Julie is crazy about airplanes, her middle name Jet suits her well. :)

I made the dress pattern using another dress she had from the dollar store. Very simple but cute is what I was going for. Can you see the little lace I added at the top?

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