Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Airforce Dress-WKWW

At the beginning of the summer I picked up some fabric that had the air force seal on it intending on making Julie a dress for the air show. It took me months but I got it done one day before the airshow!

Here she is with her daddy. It was very difficult to get her to stand still for pictures because she was so excited all day.

In the morning we put a sweater on because it was a little chilly.

After reviewing the pictures of the day I realized the one below is the only one showing the back where the straps cross.

We had such a great time, Julie is crazy about airplanes, her middle name Jet suits her well. :)

I made the dress pattern using another dress she had from the dollar store. Very simple but cute is what I was going for. Can you see the little lace I added at the top?

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marianni said...

I love the dress! It came out so cute! The model is adorable as can see the excitement on her face. Jet is the perfect middle name :)