Monday, August 27, 2012

London Calling?

I recently passed the Notary Exam (I work for attorneys so it's a need, really) and wanted something cute to store my notarial supplies in at my desk at work (and so they would be easily transportable if I need them elsewhere) so I found this great Noodlehead tutorial (by way of Pink Stitches) and decided to cut into my beloved London Tube in Multi fabric by Timeless Treasures House Designers to create my new pouch.

I used a zipper I got from a cheap pack at Joann's. It has adhesive on it and I will not be using another one of these for this kind of pouch. I had to pull the adhesive off the end so I could have that tab part and it was A PAIN. I have a plethora of zippers...somewhere (yes, still unpacking!) and I need to find them to use instead of those. These zippers are great to use for regular zippy pouches, though!

The art in the background there is a print I won from Bees Knees Design Shop. It's a picture of JJ and the text says "So many of my smiles begin with you." I also used Bees Knees for my Christmas Cards (last one in the post) last year. Check out her stuff!!

I used yellow and white polka-dots fabric from Joann's. It's leftover from when I made my Peggy Skirt (which didn't work out so well and it's sitting on my table waiting to be fixed). I intended for the dots to be the liner and the map to be the exterior but mussed it up a bit. Maybe it's destiny because I really prefer it this way.

I plan on making the other two sizes and probably another one this size so I have a full set at home and this little guy for work. I just love that Tube Map fabric!!

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