Saturday, August 11, 2012

A patchy bag

Today I am going to share with you a bag I made for times that I need two hands available at all times. What I mean is, I don't need the thing falling off my shoulder, It cant be heavy, and it should carry just necessities. Summer brings yard sales, zoo trips, and walks all over. I need something that went across my body and could put my keys, wallet and cellphone in easy access while still holding the little ones hand.

 I actually started with a piece of paper, I knew that's about the size I wanted the bag so I took a piece of printer paper and drew out how I wanted to piece together the fabric. I then just cut the strips of fabric to match the shapes I drew on the paper plus some seam allowance.

After I had the fabric sewn together I some doily and lace scrap and top stitched them on. I basically made a large zipper pouch and added a long strap. Its that simple I made it in a little over an hour the night before we went to Deer Park.

Here is my family at Deer Park in Pennsylvania. It was a day of funny animals, rain, and more rain.

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