Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pinterest Playdate Part 1 - Play Dough

This is part one of a series of a few things my daughter Julie and I did together when we had some girl time this weekend. Ever since I started working I don't get as much time with her and it really breaks my heart. When I get off work I am usually too tired to do much playing so I decided to commit this entire day to playing with my little girl! We found these fun ideas on pinterest of course! 

Here is one of the messes we made.

Home made play dough. 

We mixed up the ingredients and it was looking scary. I just wasn't expecting this texture and I thought this was going to fail.

We kept going though and it did not fail, it actually turned out really good and fun!

 What the Internet did not tell us about this recipe was the sticky mess it leaves in your pan!

 Here is our pizza we pretended to eat until Julie actually did take a bite! She said it was "caca" (yucky)

Now if you want to make some get the recipe here.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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marianni said...

I love this post! You can see how much JJ enjoyed this in her face :)
Reminds me her dad and sibs playing with play dough. I'm glad you girls had a fun day! <3