Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pillowcase upcycle!

Today I am going to show you how I made a pair of pajama pants for my toddler out of a pillowcase!

Warning: This is not the most detailed tutorial, if you have sewing experience this will be all the info you need to know, but if you have little or no experience you might want to stay tuned for a more detailed post of pant making. Meig and I are making similar pants adult sized.

This project is so easy and I love the results. To make the pattern you just need a pair of pants that fit well, fold them in half lengthwise and trace around them. Of course you need to add some seam allowance, I added a 1/2 inch, plus an extra inch on the top to make a casing for elastic.

Here is my thrifted pillowcase. With it laying just like this I laid my daughters pants on it so that the opening of the pillowcase is at the bottom of the pants, this helps so don't have to hem them later because the open end of the pillowcase is finished.

Make sure to cut through both layers of the pillowcase so you will have 4 pieces of fabric, these are the pieces stacked on top of each other right after cutting them out.

take 2 pieces and pin them right sides together.

Sew just the top curved part of the pants together

So when you open it up it should look like this. Starting to look like pants now? Do the same thing with the other 2 pieces so you have 2 parts that look like this:

 Pin them right sides together and sew both inseams and out side seams.

 Turn right side out and it should really look like pants now.

You now need to make a casing for elastic to go through.

Leave an opening

 Shove the elastic through. Elastic should be the length of the childs waist plus an inch. once the elatic is through the casing sew it together and sew close the casing.


And finally this is her throwing a fit on the floor. Who knows why but when she is mad she melts to the floor in protest.

There you have it! Pillowcase=Pants. What do you think?


Vicky said...

That is such a good idea! I have a floor thrower too! Isn't it fun? ;-)
I am a new Twitter follower visiting from Be Different, Act Normal. Vicky from Mess For Less

Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Very cool! Love the natural hem, saves a step. :)

Suzanne said...

Cute... I make dresses out of pillowcases... you can see more info at http://sewdelightful.blogspot.com

Lynne Tilley said...

Going to do this for my granddaughter! That's all the explanation I need. Great off-the-cuff tutorial. Thanks!