Monday, January 28, 2013

Foxy Boxy Pouch - qayg

This is one of my very favorite things that I've made for myself lately. (If you follow us on instagram @brandiscardina & @meigheyburn you'll see all kinds of things we make for ourselves and others - including some sneak peeks!)  I put this on my personal blog this weekend, but wanted to post here, too!

You may remember this pouch I made to put my notary supplies in, I loved it but not enough.

It was my first attempt using a zipper and I found this AWESOMEST FABRIC IN THE WORLD that I wanted to use for that very same purpose. I also found a fat quarter stack at my very favorite (not-quite-so-local) quilt shop. Thankfully, it was in their Etsy store so I could snag it for myself! And since I would be visiting soon, my lovely cousin picked it up for me (she really is the best) and saved me some shipping and got an excuse to wander into the loveliness that is Crimson Tate :: Modern Quilter.

Photo courtesy of Julia Rothman's website: 
(Dear Julia Rothman: you captured the essence of my daily grind and made it pretty. THANK YOU.)

Anywho, since I made up those awesome stockings for Christmas (that I'll blog about later - promise!) I have been obsessed with the quilt as you go (qayg) technique. Thanks Rachael!

I pulled some choice cuts and used fusible fleece for interfacing, which with a bag this size made turning a bit cumbersome, but I love the way it holds shape so well. I used a tutorial from Pretty Modern.

This bag is PERFECTION. My seal and stamp fit in it just perfectly, and being a legal assistant, every day I use paper clips, a typewriter (well, maybe not every day, but we do actually still use a typewriter and a fax machine - old school, baby), pens, and now...glasses. Yep, I've had to get glasses. Oh well.

ALL THE PAPERCLIPS! I die. I love this fabric so much!!

So, there you have it. My new notary supply boxy pouch. SQUEE!!

Happy crafting, lovelies!! :)

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