Monday, February 13, 2012

Made it Monday: Baby shower reveal

I've been on a big reading kick lately so my creativity and crafting has decreased significantly. Sorry that I don't have anything better to share with you than pictures from my high school best friend's baby shower!! :) I gave her all the goodies I made for her and baby and she was over the moon about them all. I'm so glad I got to share in that day, preparing for his entrance in this world, and that I get to be a big part of his life. JJ is gonna have some competition and a new play-date!! 
Here's her adorable cake. I'd love to say that I made it, but alas, I did not. It was banana with pineapple filling and SO SO GOOD.

Wearing the carrier and checking out the car seat canopy.

The giraffe has a special meaning for her. There's this story that Grandma Brown used to tell and...well...we love giraffes. This hat and cocoon are what he'll wear in his infant pictures. :)

Next stage hat: penguin.

No more words need said for this one. ;)

I wanted to be sure I got the measurements correct since I used JJ's old car seat for it. Perfect!! They're so happy with the outcome. When I get back from Mexico we're going shopping for boppy pillow cover fabric. :)

There you have my pretty cute, but not new project post. I hope you're all creating up a storm in my absence! I'll be heading to Mexico on Friday so look to my personal blog for updates on my trip!

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BrandiScardina said...

She is the CUTEST pregnant girl I have seen.