Monday, May 7, 2012

Made it Monday: Moving Meig

This last few weeks have been consumed with my packing and moving so I haven't had much time to create. JJ (Brandi's daughter - for new readers) has thoroughly enjoyed my new house though. She loves chasing the dog around (it's a little more suitably laid out for dog chasing) and squeals with delight when she throws the ball for him to fetch (because he's really good at that game now!). During the move, she was a sweet little helper. Keeping Raj occupied, wiping off surfaces with a towel, putting magnets on the fridge (and the floor), and generally being a welcomed companion to all who are in this home. Here are a couple cute shots that I took this last week and weekend. Other than pictures of the 'before' the move in, I didn't take any so I figured for this day I would give you something. :)

Playing with her toys (and a random bat the previous tenant left here).

Checking out the super moon with Pappy Fred. (My dad who absolutely adores her as if she were one of his grandchildren.)

Super moon. :)
I hope this post finds you well, happy, and safe. It's rainy here so my lawn will have to wait for another day to mow. Until then I'll keep unpacking my life one box at a time. :)

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She is precious...
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