Friday, October 12, 2012

What you got in your pouch?

Brandi and I have made a bunch of these pouches. It seems like when one of us finds a good thing, we both make at least one and then probably more than that. That is just one of the benefits to being in business and sewing with your best friend - you can find things you know they would like and that you like too and check out the different spins you each put on them (check out our purse we made a bunch of, too).

In this case, it's the open wide zipper pouch from the Noodlehead tutorial. Have you seen her site? It's AWESOME. We love all her tutorials and patterns (I got a 241 tote in a swap I recently participated in).

Ok, enough jibber-jabber, on to the good stuff:

First: two of my friends were going on a cruise so I wanted to make them some travel pouches. Aimee LOVES Halloween so I picked two really cool prints and alternated them (the b&w is sparkly!).

Her housemate likes damask prints and really classy prints so I made these two for Jo.

My brother, sister, dad, and I all went in to get my mom a new sewing machine for her birthday and Brandi made her this bee pouch to go along with the gift. My mom *loves* The Secret Life of Bees and ever since that book came out, we've always gotten her bee things. :)

Here is the one I made myself for my notarial supplies from the tube map fabric & lemony dots.

And finally, the awesome 'Mrs.' one that Brandi made for her friend at work who got married.

Have you made any of these? Show us what you've got!


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

I haven't made this pattern yet but I've seen it and I want to! You have definitely convinced me! I loved that book "The Secret Life of Bees" as well. xx

Ashley said...

I love the "Mrs." pouch. You are so talented!

Manuela N. Harper said...

Wow!!wonderful collection of punch.I like use punch for money and some women accessories.Great post and suggestion to select the products. I would like to of all collars. All of them are looking amazing!!!!