Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rain - Thankful Thursday

Well, it's my turn again for Thankful Thursday so here goes!

It's difficult to think of just one thing you're thankful for when you're thankful for everything! Looking back at my weeks, I'd have to say that apart from the usual thankfulness, I'm thankful for the rain.

I hate the hot. I am not a fan of the sun. I really don't like summer that much. I *love* the rain. I love it when it rains at night and I go to sleep hearing it pitter patter on the roof. I love curling up on the couch with my crocheting or a good book and just enjoying the rain.

I don't like wet dog as a result of the rain, but if that's the worst that happens, it's ok.

I'm thankful for cooler temperatures, lush green grass, hot chocolate, friends, fall-time, my snuggly pets, and a comfortable bed. Yep, this is my time of year. :)


MissBuckle said...

I wish I could be thankful for rain ;-)

Rebecca said...

It has been cooler around here too, and I'm loving it! I'm definitely ready to see Fall come :) It hasn't been raining here lately, but we've gotten a lot of rain over the summer so we don't really need it. But I'm with you...I love the rain when I don't have anything to do, and I can just look and listen :) Love the things you're thankful for this week! Thanks for linking up!