Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have been thinking for days about what I was going to write today. It's not that I have a hard time thinking of things I am thankful for because I have many things, its just that how do I narrow it down? How do I pick one thing? I could talk about family and friends because thats what first comes to mind but I don't want to be so broad about it. There are specific things I love about each person in my life so I think im going to focus one blog post on one person, small group of people, or thing. Ok, here we go.

I have been thinking about my uncles a lot lately. See I have two uncles, they would be my mothers brothers. My dad has no siblings. The thing is, I have never really had a close relationship with them. When I was growing up we lived an hour apart and people made a big deal about it saying we lived so far away in the middle of nowhere. Now that I live three hours from the closest family member, one hour doesn't seem so far. Anyway, so I love my uncles they are nice guys but they never acted like uncles toward me. When I think of the word uncle I think of someone who gets excited to see you, plays around, acts as a mentor and friend.

The thing about me is I have always chosen my family. Some people say you can't choose your family but I disagree. I have many family members that are more of acquaintances, that I may never see again, and I have a handful of people who are not related yet they are my family. This is where my 2 uncles come in. Not my mothers brothers but my dads two very best friends. These guys have been a big part of my life since I was born. They have babysat me, celebrated birthdays, rented movies on Friday nights and even drove the whole hour to be at my high school graduation. (which only one other family member bothered doing)

I am going to start with Uncle Mark. He has taught me so much about life that I will keep with me the rest of my life. Mark is a free spirit, he goes where the wind blows him. I have never met a more giving person in my life. He spends most of his days helping people in need. And he taught me how to drive. I could type forever about him but I'm going to keep it short.

My other uncle is named Doug. He has been around for as long as I can remember. He helped me get a sense of humor. When I was a kid I was so serious all the time. I couldn't take a joke and I couldn't just let go and laugh. I remember lots of times uncle Doug would babysit me and my brother and he would always bring us over the latest Disney movie.

I could never replace these two. That's two people I know I could call right now and they would come to my rescue. Today I am thankful for these two men.

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Rebecca said...

Aw this is such a sweet post! I agree with you 100% that you can definitely choose anyone to be a part of your family that you want! I myself have some family that I don't consider family and some friends that I do. The important thing is that you're very blessed to have these men in your life whether their technically related to you or not!! I loved reading your thankfuls :) Thanks for linking them up with me!!

Meig Heyburn said...

I'm super glad I get to call you family too. :)