Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Ten

This weeks Tuesday Ten is about shoes. I am a shoe lover but you wouldn't know it if you looked into my closet. As much as I love shoes I am also a practical shoe person, I don't own shoes I won't wear all the time. I have a few pairs of flip flops, a pair of moccasins, one pair of winter boots, and one pair of tennis shoes. I love looking at shoes in the mall and pretending I have a reason to buy heels but I just don't. I go to the grocery store and to family's houses and thats about it as far as outings go and besides who wants to chase around a toddler in heels? Not this girl. So without further ado I have for you The Ten shoes I wish I were wearing today!

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Suede Sandal

Fendi 'Chameleon' Laser Cut Pump

Christian Louboutin Minimi Colorblock Leather Peep Toe Platform Pumps

DV Dolce Vita "Blaire" Strappy Pumps

Valentino Rhinestone- Bow Satin Pump

Casadei Suede Loafer Pump

Gucci Sofia Etoile High-Heeled Sandal

Jessica Simpson Gilly Black

O Jour Swirly Suede Pump

Michael Kors "Irving" Oxford Booties

Okay that's my Tuesday Ten! I hope you enjoyed and have a great week!

Top Ten {Tuesday}


RAnn said...

Cute but they look painful to me.

Kelly said...

oooh, some seriously cute shoes... makes me want to go shopping!!

Kelly @ www.livelaughrowe.com

Lacee said...

I LOVE shoes too! Those blue glittery ones are gorgeous! Found you via Miss Mommy...following your blog now too :)

Nicole @ Miss Mommy said...

Love them all!. I wish I could afford them all too - ha ha

Motheroffashion said...

I would absolutely chase my toddler arond in any one of those. Haha. However, that came around to bite me yesterday when I showed up to pick up my 9 year old at the barn from her horseback riding lesson in a pair of snake print 4 in. BCBG heels. Yeah, I pretty much looked like an idiot chasing Charlie around the barn. I think I'll have to get some fabulous cowgirl boots for Mondays....

Carmen A. Lindsay said...

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