Monday, October 3, 2011

Tutu Dress

As you know Meighen and I recently attended a charity event Frocks in the Flats. Well I didn't have any fancy dresses for my daugter to wear to the event, we have tons of dresses but I didn't want the pictures to have her wearing a Dora the Explorer dress. I wanted something pretty.  So here is what I did.

6 yards of tulle- 3 yards of light blue, 3 yards of dark blue
a stretchy sequin covered band 1in less than the length of her chest measurement
3/4 in elastic, 1/2 in less than the length of chest measurement

I cut the tulle into 1 yd pieces becasue I wanted the different colors to be mixed together.

So I have al the pieces folded in half (fold whichever way is going to giv you the best length for the child)

1in from the edge of the folded side I sewed across all the pieces

When I would get to the end of one of the pieces I would just line the next one right up and keep sewing. 

 When every piece had been sewn It was time to feed the elastic through the top with a safety pin. You know what I'm talking about.

 Sew the two ends of elastic together and you should have a tutu like this:

Sew the two short ends of the stretchy sequin band together and place it about 4-5 inches below the elastic.

Thats the dress but it looks so much better when you see it on the princess.

Thats made it monday! Have a great week.

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Emily said...

I found you through the linky party at Miss Mommy.

That dress is adorable! Great idea.