Monday, December 26, 2011

Home Made Christmas

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great holiday, Meighen and I both celebrate Christmas and we would like to share with you some gifts we made.

First what we got each other

I crocheted her that yellow cowl and she is holding a tiny meat check book cover

A squirrel shirt for me ( I'm nuts about squirrels) sorry for that pun, couldn't resist.This awesome thing came from this store you really should check it out.

I made a warmie kitty for Julie, you can microwave it like a heating pad, I made it out of t shirts and I thought it would be great to use when we have to go out in the cold especially since our car heater sucks.

I painted a picture for my husband, this is his cat Mr Socks, he is a fat cat and he is flying through space.

A wallet for my big brother, upcycled from mens pants. I made a tutorial for Jubee's Craft Box.

Some lovely crocheted items Meighen made.

Some Holiday treats

I am stuffed, tired, and REALLY not ready to go back to work. Are you guys ready for holidays to be over or is it just me? Have a great week!

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