Friday, November 4, 2011

Cooking Up Some...Fabric Softener??

Hi everyone!! It's Friday and we all know what Friday is...FOODIE FRIDAY! Woohoo!!

This week I was without internet at home for WAY too long. I managed to snag some work internet during lunch time to post on my own blog and to post Tuesday's blog, but otherwise - I was down for the count! That just meant that I was super productive with cleaning around here. I also got some new products done for the shop! We're going to be stocking it this weekend AND there is a surprise after we stock so keep reading our posts!!

Brandi and I made about 4 gazillion tons (technical term) of laundry detergent in August and JUST NOW ran low enough that we needed to make more. By low enough I mean we were down to 2 giant containers and couldn't wait any longer to try out some detergent using the pumpkin spice soap we picked up at the IHM craft fair!! (I wish the woman I bought it from had a website so I could promote her, but she doesn't. So if you want to get some awesome soap from her (we LOVE it), let me know and I will send you her information.)

Anyway, last night we decided to make some more detergent using our pumpkin spice soap and we also decided to make some fabric softener! Now, I know it's not food, but we had to use the stove and kitchen utensils, plus with my internet issue, we're considering it a qualifier. ;)

We got the recipe for this HERE. We used the apple scented conditioner because we thought it would pair nicely with the pumpkin spice detergent!

We used the same recipe we used before. You can find it HERE. It smells amazing!! Brandi did a load of laundry using it, just waiting for it to dry so she can tell me how wonderful it smells!!
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