Monday, November 7, 2011

Mustache Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had as wonderful of a weekend as I did! Despite being sick (for going on a week now), I had a pretty great weekend. Got lots of things done around the house, spent time with friends both old and new, and I enjoyed movie night with the youth group at my church on Sunday night. I was working on a panda hat while we were watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (their choice, I swear!) and they were amazed that in the 3 hours we were there I started and finished the hat and the ears. Doesn't take much, does it?

Anyway, I was very busy last week creating things. I have a number of friends who are pregnant so I need to get cracking on baby gifts, but I also had a few things that I wanted to get done so we could stock up the shop some more!

 These super classy cowls are made with inspiration from Movember. I think they're pretty clever. They're also reversible so if you don't want to show your 'stache, you can hide it on the inside. The Browns one I made for myself, but we've got the red one for sale in the shop and can make one for you in any color you'd like with 4 options for mustaches! Plus, a portion of the profit will be donated to prostate cancer research!

We got an order for 2 panda hats so I've been crocheting my little fingers off to get the order filled by Wednesday. The second one is almost pieced together and this guy just needs some eyeballs and a nose!

One of my very best friends is having a baby so I wanted to make her a little pouch to hold diapers and wipes in. I saw this fabric on clearance a while ago and picked it up not knowing she was pregnant. It's perfect for her and the project! I sort of used the tutorial on See Kate Sew inasmuch as I did a couple things differently and my measurements are different as well, but I highly recommend her tutorials and patterns. Very easy to follow and really great products!

Saturday morning I got to 'babysit' my sweet JJ. I had such a blast with her. Here's a sweet shot of her giving me a kiss. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoyed seeing a recap of what I was working on this week. Feel free to share with us some things you have been doing lately! We love to hear what's going on with you!

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