Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who is this Brandi girl, anyway?

Today and next Thursday, instead of our usual Thankful Thursday posts, we're going to share a little bit about ourselves for you all who don't know us in real life. :) This kind of ties in with Thankful Thursday inasmuch as we're both immensely thankful for each other. Nevertheless, here we go! (PS: make sure you sign up for our giveaway!)

First, a little bitty story about how we met. I was working at a small coffee shop in downtown Akron while I was getting my Masters degree at The University of Akron. One day, my boss told me she hired a new girl. Now, we veterans were always skeptical of new kids because half the time we got the ones who didn't know mocha from hot chocolate. Me, coming from a household where we drink our coffee AND tea strong and black (so as to not mask the flavors of the deliciousness), well, I'm a bit of a coffee snob. I can admit it. So boss hired Brandi. It was my job to train her, as it was my job to train everyone because my boss wasn't from the US originally and was always afraid that no one could understand her when honestly, her English was often better than half the people she hired!

All that aside, one day Brandi and I were just friends. I'm sure there was something else involved (and she can tell you that part - did I tell you I have a terrible memory for things?), but I remember I would drive her home so she didn't have to walk in the rain or snow. We went to some concerts together, she came over to my house and I cooked her vegan food (she was a vegan when we met, but not now), and she came home with me for Easter dinner (where my mom made all kinds of foods that Brandi could eat and we thought that was super sweet of her) because her family lives far far away.

We've been friends ever since. She moved away and we wrote notes to each other like we were in elementary school. Then she came back to me, got married, had a GORGEOUS baby girl, and she and Tony asked me to be JJ's godmother (I cried). We're family. Best friends. Sisters. Business partners.

Brandi has been crafting forever. She started crocheting when she was younger (her grandmother taught her how) and then started sewing, too. She's a master with the glue gun, whereas I am a disaster with the glue gun (I have the scars to prove it). She's also got super awesome ribbon twirling skills. She made me the super cutest bow for Easter this year!

We've been crafting together for almost as long as we've been friends (about 4 years). We were either crafting meals or doing paper crafts in the beginnings of our friendship (I have the world's largest random cardstock collection - don't ask how it got like that, all I can say is Hollo's sells cardstock for $1/lb and I love that place), or sewing and crocheting like in the last couple years. She's my go-to gal for ideas and whenever I need support I call my mom (hi mom!) and then I talk to B. She always support my crazy half-wit ideas and never laughs at me (she says it's always with me).

Here are a few things about Brandi:

Brandi's favorite color is pink. Everything, everything, everything pink.
Her favorite animals are wildlife animals like squirrels and chipmunks.
Her favorite shoes are her Chucks that she (hopefully) got rid of because the duct tape was coming off of them.
Her favorite music is everything, but her favorite song right now is Justin Bieber. (JUST KIDDING.)
Her favorite foods are everything sweet. Candy. Cupcakes. Cake. Pie. Dessert. SWEET. (Just like her. Awwwww.)
Her favorite holiday is Christmas, but the last two years we've spent Thanksgiving together and it's been pretty darn great.
She loves all fabrics that are soft and covered in woodland animals or hippie patchwork prints.
She made a hat that I call "The Brandi Hat" and I wear it DAILY in the winter because it's THE. BEST. HAT. EVER.
She loves wearing dresses.
Hello Kitty is one of her favorite characters.
She makes the best red velvet cupcakes. They're so good that I renamed them to Brandi Velvet Cupcakes.
This is her really awesome blog where she shares really awesome stuff.
She has 2 brothers.
Her parents are super cool.
Her grandmother made me promise to keep her safe, so I do.
She has one daughter.
She is married to Tony (we were all three friends separate from each other and now that they're married, we're all friends together, too!).
She's got one of the biggest hearts I ever know.
She worries about me if she doesn't hear from me in too many hours.
She doesn't get mad at me when I email bomb her almost daily.
She loves with all her heart and soul.
She is one of the best people I know and I'm so glad I get to be her friend. Sister. Business partner.

I am sure you have noticed by now that I adore my B. When I was at my worst, she was there by my side. When I was at my best, she was there by my side. I have a couple close friends and I'm so glad that B is one of them. She never asks for anything in return and loves without condition. When I lost my job, she invited me over to their house every day just to be sure I ate at least one good meal a day. When I get sad I tell her and she listens and reminds me that tomorrow will come and that she loves me. When I'm happy she laughs and dances with me. She gave me the gift of godmotherhood. I thank God every day for the blessings in my life and I count B, T, and JJ among them.

So there are a few facts I have for you about Brandi. Feel free to shoot us some questions and we're more than happy to do a Q&A session!

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