Monday, June 4, 2012

Made it Monday: skirts and purses

Happy Monday! I wish today was like last Monday and a national holiday so I didn't have to work, but oh well. :)

I've been trying to check a lot of things off my list lately and have been somewhat successful. I wanted to make myself a new skirt and a new purse so I whipped those up.

I didn't use a pattern for the skirt, I just took a skirt that I have and love and stole the measurements from it (with seam allowance) and went from there. I really love how it turned out and can't wait to make some more!
 The fabrics are cottons from JoAnn's. I love the colors in the print and the contrast of the solid color. It is so light and airy! Perfect for summertime. :)
 My friend loves this print too and has asked if I could make her a skirt with some of it too. Haha. Of course I agreed!
 The purse was made with a pattern called 'Pleated Tote' from Rebeka Lambert. I loved this pattern. It was simple to follow and it made a bag that is perfect sized for me. I did a couple things differently in the final construction simply because of my sewing preferences, but I really enjoyed making this bag. It didn't take me long, either.

 This button was from a jar of buttons my grandmother had from clothing items (the spare ones). I loved how different it was and I think it's perfect for my new purse. :) Good timing, too as she had cancer and I'm walking in the Cuyahoga Falls Relay for Life this weekend.
 Look! Pockets! :)

I also spent some quality time with two sweet girls. My favorite redhead and my favorite goddaughter. :)

 Julie at my church's annual picnic.

Two redheads. My grandmother (her great grandmother) had red hair and they both share a name so it's back to Maryjane and me as the redheads of the family. :)

I also made a romper for sweet MJ for her first birthday. Brandi made one from the same pattern for JJ so check back for our post about our rompers!

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