Friday, June 29, 2012

My Sister's Banana Cream Pie

Now, that's not the best picture, I'm sorry. But it was amazing and I couldn't wait to eat it so I didn't cut very well and I didn't take many pictures. :)

A number of years ago I was at my sister's house and she made banana cream pie. I loved it. So good!! Twice now I've made this pie and both times I've called her to be sure I got the recipe right. Here's how we give recipes in our family:

"You get the Nilla Wafer crust, the pudding, the Cool Whip, and the bananas. Cut up the bananas and put them in the bottom of the crust then layer thick pudding then some Cool Whip if you want, or just mix it with the pudding and put it on top. Just layer it. Oh, and if you're not gonna eat it right away put the top bananas in lemon juice."

For you, our lovely readers, I will translate. :)

My Sister's Banana Cream Pie
(a recipe just about the same can be found on the label for the pie crust)

2 4-serving boxes of instant vanilla pudding
2.5c cold milk
1 Nilla Wafer pie crust
1.5 bananas (more or less depending on how you layer or arrange)
1/2 a regular sized container of thawed Cool Whip (we use the light one)

Slice up the banana(s) and place a layer of them in the bottom of the crust.
Mix up the pudding and pour 1/3 of it on top of the bananas.
(Add a thin layer of Cool Whip here if you'd like.)
Mix the rest of the pudding with the Cool Whip and pour over top of the existing layers.
Place in refrigerator for a couple hours until it sets or put in the freezer if you're impatient like me. :)
Top with more Cool Whip if you would like and place banana slices on top.

Eat. Enjoy.

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